Dance 101

5:30pm - 7:30pm

This is a combination class for beginner dancers geared towards molding well rounded and multi-skilled dancers. They learn all 4 genres of dance offered here at the studio.

Read more about each genre of dance we offer and their class structures below.

Creative Movements (toddler class)

Tuesdays, Thursdays
6:30pm – 7pm

This class is only offered during the summer session.

Creative Movements is for students ages 2-4. This class introduces ballet to young dancers while instilling in them the pre-functions of dance. Pare


Conditioning & Performance

Tuesdays, Wednesdays
6pm - 7:15pm

Learn good form and what it means to reach your threshold. We’ll teach you how to breathe and warm up properly, so you can safely build the muscle groups you need.

Level II:

In this advanced series you'll expand more on the teachings from Performance I class working on the "on stage" skillset and progressing to the 6 core fundamentals. 

Technique 101

By appointment only

Technique class is a strengthening course targeted towards intermediate and advanced dancers. This class introduces and enhances core strength while executing excellent technique. 


By appointment only

Must book in advance

For beginners and intermediates alike, this class will teach you the basics of gymnastics and help you build the strength you need to hold proper balance. We’ll start with beginner strength-building holds before progressing to more advanced ones.



Our Ballet Classes

Ballet I is an introductory to ballet class required for all new dancers. Here we incorporate the basics of ballet and the core fundamentals of dance. 

Ballet II

Here, we combine teachings from Ballet I into a more intermediate level of ballet. Students must complete ballet I or pass the ballet I written/oral & visual exam. 

Our Modern Classes

This class will teach choreography in the contemporary and lyrical genre of dance. Ballet I is recommended as an accompanying class or pre-requisite. 

Our Hip-Hop/Jazz Classes

This class will teach choreography in the hip-hop and jazz genre of dance. We'll start with the technique basics of both genres of dance. Students will enhance their form and skill throughout the semester.



Collegiate style dancing at its core. We'll start out with learning sets of choreography in the majorette and jazz styles. Performance I & II are recommended accompanying classes or pre-requisites. 

iAD Combo Classes

Summer Course Only

iAD Combo I is for students ages 5-11and iAD Combo II, for ages 12-17, will teach a class of all genres. Each month will feature a different genre of dance for the month's focus. This class is great for the more experienced dancers seeking knowledge in more than one area of dance.


Competitive Dance at iAM Dance Center

Our competition team students are required to take 7.5 hours (minimum) of structured class time per week.

These classes are broken down by genre:

45 minutes per week: Ballet & Modern

2.5 hours per week: Conditioning/Technique & Performance

45 minutes per week: Hip-Hop/Jazz

30 minutes per week: Book work

2 hours per week: Majorette



Adult Class

Mondays, Fridays
8:35pm - 9:35pm

This is a $5.00 drop-in class geared towards adult dancers seeking a fun fitness class with or without heels. 

Heels & more; this fun class is for adult dancers looking to get into fitness.